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What would you do if you could snap your fingers and stop time?


Lester Lopkins is a below-average kid who wants to be noticed for something other than the best target for bullies. His only possibility for fame is to become the chess champion of the school.


But on the day before the big chess match, Austin, the school’s number one bully, stuffs Lester in his locker. Something happens to the claustrophobic Lester during his time in his locker, and he gains the power to snap his fingers and stop time.


At first, Lester uses his power in bad ways. It also causes problems between him and his best friend, Peter, and the only girl who likes him, Nellie. But then Lester discovers that Austin is selling drugs. He teams up with Nellie and Peter to get back at Austin and to expose him for selling drugs.


Lester finds himself in danger and trapped with Peter, Nellie, and Austin by the drug dealers. Not even Lester’s power alone can save them; he has to get help from Austin. But will he help? And will it be enough to save them all?

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