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A Brothers Grimm Adventure

The Grimm Brothers were well-known collectors and publishers of fairy tales during the 19th century.  But as they were writing down the story of Little Red Riding Hood, things went wildly wrong.  Jacob Grimm mistakenly rewrites the story allowing a witch to take control.  This forces his younger brother, Wilhelm, to enter Fairy Tale World and confront the Witch.  On his journey, Wilhelm meets Little Red Riding Hood and together they fight off wolves, seven-turned to the dark side-dwarfs, as well as the Witch.  But Wilhelm becomes admired by Little Red Riding Hood and is determined to help her fulfill her story and travel to grandmother's house.  Jacob and storyteller, Madam Viehmann, fearing that Wilhelm may change Little Red Riding Hood's story, enter Fairy Tale World only to discover that many fairy tales have been changed.   They must quickly find Wilhelm before he becomes part of Little Red Riding Hood’s story and is trapped in Fairy Tale World forever!

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