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Plays and Musicals

Another Chance

"Along with success comes a reputation of wisdom." But all the wisdom that Sally has learned from her school successes don't prepare her when her life seems to fall apart. After she gets an F on a paper, is harassed by the school's popular jock, and learns her parents are getting a divorce, she contemplates suicide. Her thoughts about dying are revealed in familiar quotations she repeats - quotations other students think she is writing for an English paper. But then the most unlikely person helps Sally find that "Everything is possible, including the impossible," and convinces her to give herself another chance.

Published by Eldridge Plays and Musicals. Click here for more information.


The Bachelor King

Chaos and hilarity ensue in this hysterical spoof of several popular reality TV shows!  When poor King Evian uses his last dying words (as he falls out the window) to pass royal succession not to greedy Prince Daft but to Yokel, a foolish hillbilly, everyone agrees Yokel needs a wife to help him run the kingdom.  Reminiscent of reality TV’s The Bachelor, his staff brings in eligible young ladies to vie for the new king’s hand, including Agatha Peabody, a high-society matron; Priscilla Tradewells-Ayers-Hollander-Morley, a four-times-married gold digger; Sally Valley, a ditzy cheerleader from L.A.; Crushin’ Kanisha, a New York City gangster-type; and Jane Claxton, a true-hearted cowgirl from Texas.

Published by Pioneer Drama Service.  Click here for more information.


Encounter at Heavenly Gulch

A handful of bus passengers, each traveling solo across country, finds themselves stranded in the middle of the Arizona desert.  After walking for miles, they come across the small town of Heavenly Gulch, where Mabel, the owner of the local hotel, her son Albert, Sheriff Tidbits and local resident Cyrus offer them refuge from the harsh desert sands until a rescue party can arrive.  With nothing to do but wait, the travelers start a new journey of self-discovery as they learn about each other, and surprisingly, about themselves.  Carter hides the fact that he is on the run after a bank heist, but his misfit partners in crime track him down for their share of the money. 

Published by Pioneer Drama Service.  Click here for more information.


The Groom Has Cold Feet

An Audience Participation Murder Mystery

With all the fun characters of a western and the twists and turns of a murder mystery, this show is a real hoot!  When the reviled Albert Webster turns up murdered the morning of his wedding to local sweetheart Kayla May Blossom, there’s no shortage of suspects in the sleepy town of Pine Grove.  Luckily, there’s also no shortage of town gossips, each with her own theory acted out in hilarious slow-mo fashion for the audience to see!  Could it have been saloon girl Darleen, the last one to see Albert and the girl he dumped for Kayla May?  Was it Virgil, the reluctant best man and ex-boyfriend of Kayla May?  Maybe it was lonely Harley, who snuffed out Albert to steal his bride?  How about Hazel, the about-to-be-evicted mother of the bride?  It’s going to take all of Sheriff Tickle’s investigative skills, along with his sidekick daughter Sarah and extra help from the audience, to solve this animated mystery.

Published by Pioneer Drama Service.  Click here for more information.


I Dream of Genie

Jeannie the Genie’s last spell went majorly wrong, sending her from the 21st century back hundreds of years to Arabia.  As her lamp flies out of the Alley of Darkness (along with a Big Mac wrapper), it is caught by the incompetent, bumbling Prince Aban, who becomes her new master.  Aban’s mother, the tyrannical Queen Uzma, has taken it upon herself to find Aban a bride.  That’s easier said than done!  It’s not just the prince; it’s more that the ladies of the kingdom don’t want Queen Uzma for a mother-in-law!  But with the promise of being granted a kingdom far, far away, unmarried ladies line up to compete in the queen’s scavenger race to choose the best bride for Aban.

Published by Pioneer Drama Service.  Click here for more information.

Pat and DD.jpg

The Lady Pirates of Captain Bree.

Full Length Musical

Captain Bree and Her Lady Pirates

Short Musical

Captain Bree Scourge of the Sea

Short Play

Gangway, Pirates of the Caribbean — here come The Lady Pirates of Captain Bree!  When his crew jumps ship upon sighting the pirates in the distance, Captain Jennings is left with a makeshift crew of motley prisoners and Fergus, a sailor who can’t swim, to protect his wealthy passengers, the Prescots, from the inevitable attack.  As the lady pirates take over the defenseless Kayla May, you’re in for swashbuckling musical comedy with a host of hysterical characters on deck and a spectacular Bill Francoeur score.

Published by Pioneer Drama Service.  Click here for more information.

Fire Walking Logan.jpg

In Search of the Dodo Bird

Professor Livingston is out to prove everyone wrong: The Dodo Bird is not extinct. He forms an expedition with his daughter and her misfit students to search for the elusive bird on an uncharted island in the Indian Ocean. But the island is also inhabited by headhunters. Majumbe, chief of the head-shrinking Obuto, is searching for a husband for his ugly daughter. When Professor Livingston’s group is captured by the headhunters, they find themselves fighting for their lives, or rather their heads. And the only way to survive is to have one of their members compete for the hand of the Chief’s ugly daughter. Will their lives be saved? Will they find the elusive Dodo Bird? Will the Chief finally find a man for his daughter? It’s a true island adventure!

Published by Brooklyn Publishers.  Click here for more information.


Lost City of the Nunus

HUNDREDS OF YEARS AGO in the deepest jungle interiors lived an ancient civilization of Nunus rumored to have collected great riches of gold and precious artifacts—they were also well-documented cannibals. Ignoring the last part, archaeologist Shirley Price is bent on discovering and looting this legendary Lost City. When colleague Conrad Cain discovers an ancient map to the Nunu ruins, Shirley Price convinces him that it's time to ditch the backyard digs and search for the riches of the Nunus. Shirley cons the wealthy Mrs. Breezley into financing the trip and hires two experienced jungle guides to cut the trail. Before long, the expedition includes Conrad's fiancée, Mrs. Breezley, who insists on searching for a new species of orchids herself (Shirley told her they were going on an orchid outing), and J.D. Hunt and Brian Tate, the not-so-experienced expedition guides who are being chased by two nature-disrespecting loan shark goons. Just when you thought it was safe to go into the jungle, the Nunus, who are not at all lost, capture Shirley and Conrad and plan a tremendous feast. Not a bad idea until Shirley and Conrad overhear Chief Pow-Pow order the Witch Doctor to “remove all evil that might be inhabiting their delicious entrees . . . sauteed Shirley and candied Conrad.” So the goofy Witch Doctor summons the tasty duo but instead of cleansing the entrees, he mistakenly casts Shirley into Conrad's body and Conrad into Shirley's body. Devastated, the Witch Doctor resigns determined to find a more suitable occupation until he's captured by the expedition members and forced to either eat vegetables or reverse the spell.

Published by Green Room Press.  Click here for more information.


The Masked Musketeer

If you’ve always wanted to do a play about the Three Musketeers but need more female than male parts, then look no further!  The Masked Musketeer has it all — comedy, action, romance and mystery — and a female heavy cast, to boot!  The men of a small Spanish village are called to Madrid by the king, leaving only the women and three unruly “boys” behind.  It doesn’t take long for the village to be overrun with bandits, so the lazy Lorenzo, Mateo and Felipe take it upon themselves to become musketeers.  Easier said than done!  These wanna-be swashbucklers are more like knee bucklers, and they can’t even get the saying right!

Published by Pioneer Drama Service.  Click here for more information.

My Son the Rock

Full length play or musical

Once upon a medieval time lived a chivalrous king and his weak-kneed son, Prince Plucky (Plucky, believe it or not, means courageous and brave) in a most contemporaneous castle. They discuss womens’ rights, unemployment, and counting calories right along with treason, dungeons, and sword-fighting. King Norom is turning 60 and would like to bequeath the kingdom to his son, but he is worried about Plucky’s leadership qualities or lack thereof. Unknown to King Norom is the plot of the Witch and Mr. Steelson, a close and trusted advisor, to overthrow him and take over the country. The conspiring duo kidnap the Prince and lock him in the dungeon with Princess Alaina. When the French sculptor Pierre arrives to create a monument of the King out of a block of rock in honor of the King’s 60th birthday, the royal family jumps to the conclusion that the Witch turned Prince Plucky into a rock. Meanwhile, Prince Plucky and Princess Alaina break out of the Witch’s dungeon and (as all stories go where a Prince meets a Princess) fall in love. Disguising themselves as Sherlock Holmes and Ms. Watson, they arrest the Witch and live happily ever after.

Published by Heuer Publishing.  Click here for more information.


The Pharaoh’s Son

Madu, the Pharaohs long lost son has returned. His untimely return has upset the plans of the Pharaohs daughters for one of them to become Pharaoh. They now have to prove that Madu is an imposter before he's crowned Egypt's next ruler. When they find that Madu really is their brother, they solicit the help of their cousin, to send Madu into the afterlife. After three attempts on his life and with the help of his slave friends, Madu escapes his sisters attempts only to find out that he isn't the Pharaoh's son after all. Fearing death if the Pharaoh's daughters find out, he decides to continue as the Pharaoh's son, until he learns that he can not marry the girl he loves, as she is a slave. Now he is faced with the ultimate decision: become Pharaoh or marry the slave girl he loves.

Published by Brooklyn Publishers.  Click here for more information.

Pirate Island

Full length play or musical

Captain Peach and his not-so-merry band of pirates have been roaming the island for years in search of Bluebeard’s still-hidden treasure chest. Captain Peach swears Bluebeard buried the treasure right over... right... left empty-handed, penniless pirates are not happy pirates, mutiny is close at hand! Until Barbara and her not-so-eager castaways get stranded on the island with little, except for two lovely cameras, 37 rolls of film, a hand mirror, .30 in change, three sticks of gum, and Barbara’s old weather-beaten trunk. Aye! With treasure chests of jewels in their eyes, the clan of money-grubbin’ pirates think Barbara’s trunk is Bluebeard’s lost treasure, but before the pirates have a chance to steal the chest, two kleptomaniac natives dance off with Barbara’s trunk (and unknowingly, Barbara’s friend, Dolly, who is hiding inside) and the chase is on. The pirates after the natives, the natives after the castaways, the castaways after the natives and this not-so-deserted island is a treasure trove of outlandish fun! After Barbara is captured by Captain Peach, and Captain Peach and Barbara are captured by the natives, it’s up to Peach’s shipmates and the other castaways to outwit the meddling natives and return the cherished treasure chest to its rightful owner.

Published by Heuer Publishing.  Click here for more information.

Pirate Island 1.jpeg
The Pirate Medallion 014.jpg

The Pirate Medallion

Pirate Captain John Finch has the map to the cursed Treasure of Captain Kidd. He and his misfit crew of lady pirates...yes, ladies...must find the treasure, as Pirate Captain Mintel is hot on their trail. Captain Mintel boards Captain Finch’s ship to steal the map but ends up crossing swords with Bobby Ann. Bobby Ann manages to win the fight but Captain Mintel swears he will return and take the treasure and Bobby Ann’s Medallion. Will Captain Finch and Bobby Ann find the treasure of Captain Kidd? Will they be able to break the curse before Captain Mintel shows his face again?

Published by Brooklyn Publishers.  Click here for more information.

The Princess Knight

The best swordsman in all of Glyndufn (Princess Aurora) happens to wear a dress and the second bravest knight in the land (Prince Durum) falls head over sword in love with her. As you might have guessed, this is not your normal, everyday, run-of-the-mill sort of kingdom. For the most part, the kingdom of Glyndufn is under female-rule and Princess Aurora’s refusal to act like a proper 15th century lady has King Stefan and Queen Victoria a tad worried. How will they ever find a prince for their tomboy princess? But as faith would have it, Prince Durum finds Princess Aurora’s feistiness absolutely adorable. Problems arise, however, namely the wicked Wizard from Brier Oak and his apprentice, Little Wiz, who were ordered by Prince Durum’s evil uncle to botch Prince Durum’s efforts to build an army and recapture the kingdom of Brier Oak. Thus, the Wizard casts a mighty spell that puts all of the knights of Glyndufn and Princess Aurora sound to sleep. For 100 days the Wisemen try to break the spell but fail. Disheartened, Prince Durum decides he must return to his kingdom alone and fight his uncle’s army even though he will surely lose. Before he leaves he gives his love one last departing kiss and by all its merry she awakens and so do the knights! Married at once, ‘midst applause and laughter, Prince Durum rides with his wife at his side! (There’s no better honeymoon than a good battle!)

Published by Heuer Publishing.  Click here for more information.


The Royal Bachelor

Full Length Musical

Survivor...  American Idol...  The Bachelor... You know them and love them, but you’ve never seen them quite like this!  Mix these popular reality TV shows together in a royal setting and you have a hilarious musical!  When poor King Evian falls out the window, the royal scepter ends up in the hands of Yokel, crowning this foolish hillbilly the next king.  Everyone agrees Yokel needs a wife to help him run the kingdom, so five eligible young ladies are brought in to vie for the new king’s hand. 

Published by Pioneer Drama Service.  Click here for more information.

Under the Big Top

The bank is going to foreclose on the Marlow Little Big Top Circus unless Mr. Marlow can miraculously get the loan repaid in three days. Unfortunately, Mr. Marlow has bigger tent problems. Leo The Lion Tamer is afraid of lions (no felines on stage), David Copperflood The Magician is claustrophobic (no magic tricks required), and Dipsey and Slipsey, the trapeze artists, are afraid of heights (trapeze definitely not required) and two burglars just stole the little bit of money the circus had saved for the loan. Down and out, the circus performers are trying desperately to find enough courage to put on the biggest big top performance of their lives and catch the circus crooks before Mr. Hawkins, the bank president, closes the circus. Not to be forgotten, Mr. Hawkins’ highly motivated (scheming) secretary, Ms. Robwell, with inside information on the three-ring circus (Mr. Hawkins’ son, Henry, vice president of the bank, secretly joined the circus clowns and has fallen in love with Mr. Marlow’s daughter, Peggy) and under wraps hires two bungling burglars to steal the money to gain favor with Mr. Hawkins. But Corky and Max, the circus crooks, hide the money in one of the circus buckets and when Ms. Robwell demands the money, they can’t remember which bucket they used to stash the cash. Now everybody’s on a bucket-hunt and “the greatest show on earth” is turned upside down. Step right up for an evening of memorable fun with characters like Tipsy Toe-The Rope Walker, Bertha The Bearded Lady and a host other unbecoming characters.

Published by Heuer Publishing.  Click here for more information.

Last Gladiator 1.jpeg

When in Rome . . .

Full Length Musical

Last Gladiator

Full Length Play

When in Rome, do as the Romans do...  slip on a toga and charge like a lion into this dazzling musical!  ’Left the checkbook in the chariot, your Caesar Card at home?  Don’t worry, we’ve got lay-away!’ Your audiences will really love the tongue-in-cheek humor Bill Francoeur delightfully weaves into the 10 songs in this side-splitting musical comedy.  Peasant thieves Gladius (you could say he’s a dorkus supremus!), Minimus (his friends call him Mini), and Julia sneak into the royal palace disguised as handmaidens.  Gladius is smitten with the beautiful princess and simply must catch another glimpse of her.  They are promptly caught in a hilarious scene, almost becoming lion food until the princess gets an idea. 

Published by Pioneer Drama Service.  Click here for more information.

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