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Book reviews for SNAPPED!

Snapped! is the fast-paced, high-spirited adventure of Lester Lopkins, his best friend Peter, his love interest Nellie, and his bully Austin. Lester is a high school freshman who aspires to be the school chess champion. One day at school Lester snaps his fingers and everyone around him freezes, only unfreezing when he snaps his fingers a second time. After some experimentation, Lester realizes he has the power to stop and restart time through snapping. As he uses his powers, he finds himself embroiled in a bank robbery, a drug bust, and an FBI investigation. All of this occurs while continues to navigate the everyday pitfalls of teenage life, which he does with humor and resilience. Snapped! was adapted from a screenplay, which accounts for its fast pacing and for this reason will likely appeal to young readers. Overall, an exciting young adult novel with unexpected plot twists that will keep its readers guessing! —Union Square Review, 5 starred review

Snapped! is a highly entertaining Young Adult novel, where young protagonist, Lester, learns lessons in how “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. —Reedsy Review, 4 starred review

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